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“I’ve had bursitis in my shoulder off and on for a couple of years. No OTC painkillers help, nor did prescription painkillers. Steroids helped while I was taking them, but the pain returned within a couple of days after I stopped.”
- Margaret Taylor, Florida
250mg - 1500mg CBD Oil
Chronic Pain

CBD Oil for Inflammation

CBD Oil works with receptors in the immune system to create a powerful anti-inflammatory response reducing the following symptoms caused by inflammation
Chronic Pain
Insomnia due to chronic pain

CBD Reviews

"From my personal experience CBD oil was a godsend. I began taking it about a year ago and noticed a difference in my anxiety almost immediately. I took it once in the morning and once at night for a few months."
Mark Jarred
"This may sound a little crazy but after 2 doses of the CBD oil my neck pain reduced to like a 3 out of 10 on a pain scale. I had struggled with chronic daily pain for 10 years after a car accident."
Jason Massey
"I finally bought some cbd oil, it was 1200 MG strength and it was a miracle from the moment I took it. Not only did it make me feel better mentally it took away the pain decreased the swelling and allowed me to stretch the rest of the muscles out that I hadn\'t been able to stretch in years"
Amber Harvey

CBD Oil for Inflammation Comes in Several Strengths

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250mg CBD Oil - Sleep

250mg CBD Oil

Strength: Regular

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500mg CBD Oil - Sleep

500mg CBD Oil

Strength: Strong

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1000mg CBD Oil - Sleep

1000mg CBD Oil

Strength: Strongest

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What is CBD Most Used For?

While CBD Oil has MANY uses, these are the most popular
Get Amazing Sleep
Insomnia & Bad Sleep Relief
Sleeping Problems
Anxiety Relief
Put an End to Stress & Anxiety
Anxiety and Stress Relief
Pain Relief
No More Addictive Pain Pills
CBD Pain Relief Oil
CBD For Pets
Anxiety & Pain Relief
CBD Oil for Cats and Dogs
100’s of Ailments
Arthritis to OCD
CBD Oil helps with wide range of conditions

Beware of CBD Fakes!

We only offer Full Spectrum Oil, rich with REAL CBD.  There are numerous sites out there offering "CBD Oil" but most do not have enough actual CBD in them to be effective or are produced from the seeds instead of the entire plant - which is what makes it effective.
Always read the fine print when considering a CBD oil
Amazon & Ebay do NOT allow real CBD oil on their websites. ALL of the CBD Oils you see on there are from seeds, which are basically only good for putting on your salad or for skin care products.
Our products are grown and distributed in the USA
All our oils are 3rd party lab tested for purity
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